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What style of yoga will we practise?

I teach power vinyasa yoga, which is a series of poses (asana) that flow together with the breath. We work

through the layers of the body to bring strength, flexibility, balance and focus, allowing you to rediscover your body and let go of any limiting thoughts or self doubt.

The classes are for all levels of ability and the option is always there to take a resting pose at any point. The yoga I teach isn’t about turning yourself into a pretzel, its about feeling into the poses, learning to love and look after the body you have. You’ll be given options to modify or challenge yourself depending on how you are feeling in each moment.


The sequence stays very similar each week so that you get used to the poses, seeing progression and ultimately finding the freedom and confidence to roll out your mat wherever you are in the world! 


I know it can be scary going to a new yoga class. Just taking that first step is the hardest part. The class is all about you having some YOU time so don’t worry about anyone else, what they’re doing or how they look. Every body is different so no pose is going to look the same for every person, you’ll work with finding your own variations. Feel the poses in your body and most of all have fun.


Please arrive 5-10mins before the class start time to get settled in.


What should I wear?

Anything that is easy to move around in. Leggings, vest, t-shirt, joggers, shorts, sports bra (ladies!). The aim is to get the body warm so layers are good. During Winter make sure to bring an extra layer for our relaxation at the end of class. You don’t want to be cold during your well earned rest!


What should i bring?

Please bring a mat and a bottle of water. I do have a few mats so please contact me if you would like to borrow one


I'm new to yoga, can i join the class?

Yes, beginners are very welcome. Come along 15 minutes before the class start time to fill in a heath registration form and get settled in. Avoid having a big meal at least 2 hours before class, yoga with a full belly isn’t very fun! Snacks before the class are fine if you're feeling hungry.


How much do classes cost?

If you'd like to Drop in and pay cash, it's £9 a class. Or you can register for online booking here where the following options are available

First class £5

1 Class Pass £9

5 Class Pass £40 (valid for 3 months)

10 Class Pass £70 (valid for 4 months)

1 Adult + Teen Pass £10

Monthly Unlimited Membership £42 a month (direct debit)

Monthly Pre-Recorded Membership £25 a month (direct debit)

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